From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

When One Is One


As our wee woman reaches one

I wonder where the time has gone

Those first twelve months so quickly passed

As a list of skills you soon amassed

Growing teeth and growing hair

And filling up your underwear

Spreading yogurt on the walls

And sharing breakfast as it falls

To the floor from sticky fingers

A mouth wide open as you sing us

The bestest songs from Hey Duggee

Enduring parks in the baby buggy

Growling like a bear on your activity mat

Wiping sticky bogies on a passing cat

Yearning for a match at Stockport County

While Mummy stuffs her face with cake and Bounties

And Daddy's upstairs working hard from home

At Star Wars games on his mobile phone

But your greatest talent's how you mesmerise

With the cheekiest grin and the bluest eyes

Every second spent with you so far

Has made me proud to be your Granda

And as your little life's unfurled

I love you more than all the world

So I hope you've enjoyed your very first year

And I wish a happy birthday to you dear Freya



The Wee Woman.

 The Wee Woman.

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