From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

Christmas With Monsieur Bublé


A portfolio of lively tunes

A carousel and gay balloons

To start, the handsome Gaul festoons

Season’s greetings most profound

To all of those who’ve gathered round


Astonishing performance feats

A monkey juggles to earn treats

He tries to sing as he competes

To be the pride of the Monsieur

A furry creature turned jongleur


To titillate excited guests

A Turkish woman on request

Reveals the tattoos on her chest

A serpent, panther, pipes of Pan

An amulet from Uzbekistan


The strongman lifts above his head

A canon filled with balls of lead

A Gypsy chants to reach the dead

Magicians cast their magic spells

And wee folk dance in shoes with bells


For nourishment at quarter past

Each hour is served a great repast

Into gaping festive mouths are cast

Rich delicacies from eastern lands

Brought here by camels across the sands


Fruit and flesh of every kind

Persian spices all combined

To tempt the pallet and the mind

Sassafras, cloves and fenugreek

Morsels lure both strong and weak


On table tops huge kegs of wine

From lush green slopes along the Rhine

Dry or sweet all taste divine

In sparkling crystal held to toast

Their benefactor and noble host


Dancing goes on ‘til it’s light

Faces shining with delight

Hoping they can dance all night

But with pinching toes some sit and sigh

With cup of tea and a hot mince pie



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