From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

Take It or Leave It


I love to see the sun come up through early morning mist.

I quite enjoy a pint or two without ever getting pissed.

I like to walk around the town, my wife upon my wrist

And then go home and try my hand as a gynaecologist.


I can't abide that Chelsea lot or Manchester United,

Or noisy little bonfire squibs whenever they're ignited.

I have no time for all those folks who've pompously been knighted

And politicians who close their eyes to wrongs that should be righted.


Oh how I love my two big dogs and seven little cats,

And all the food I shouldn't eat with saturated fats.

I love the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, the Kinks and that's

A sign that I am getting old and going slightly bats.


I disagree with fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.

I'm not a fan of Hollyoaks, of Strictly or X Factor.

Years ago my teacher saw my loathing of protractors.

I hated all the maths she taught and hoped her boss had sacked her.


I just adore when we explore the mountains and the coast.

It makes me ill when Brussels sprouts are served with Sunday roast.

A roaring fire with wine and friends is what I like the most,

But get irate at the letters page in the Yorkshire Evening Post.


There's one small thing I often sit and think about all night.

When I tell you this I know you'll say my head isn't quite right.

I've discussed it with our local shrink and now I think I might

Be the only person in the world who can take or leave Marmite.


 We don’t have Marmite in Bulgaria so here’s a picture of our roaring fire.

We don’t have Marmite in Bulgaria so here’s a picture of our roaring fire.


Take It Or Leave It - The Music Video

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