From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

The Condemnation of Darkness


Hello darkness my old friend

You're here to drive me round the bend

As sultry summers meet their end

You pounce upon my fear and send

Me screaming silently through autumn mist

To dismal depths; a perennial abyss.


Days so short fill me with dread.

It's pointless getting out of bed

When nought but shadows fill my head.

I crave the sun and warmth instead

Of eternal night in Erebus' hole

Where the only light is as black as coal.


I curse our planet's axial tilt,

A fault from which seasons were built.

It makes my mind and body wilt

My mood more sombre as each leaf is spilt

From trees your veil of black mutates,

As each intelligent lifeform hibernates.


As sultry summers meet their end.

As sultry summers meet their end.

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