From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

Crucial Moves of Fantasy


Sit back and watch the sea above

Where images of waves and whales and fish and ships

Collide and slide and get mixed up

Until it is a sea no more

But white contortions of the mind

As trains and planes and horses' manes

Twist and spout and curl and sprout.

A vision no one sees but me.


Grey and black and darker grey,

As far as my eye and I can see

A dismal roof hangs over me, protecting me, dejecting me.

The sky is crying, weeping floods of

Raindrops, teardrops, cats and dogs.

Roaring, pouring down to drown my spirit,

Make me shiver, make me frown,

Make me watch as nature blooms.


Some of my favourite white contortions.

Some of my favourite white contortions.

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