From the pen of Turlough Ó Maoláin ...

The Chronicles of Bulgaria

Baby Love ... for Toby


Two new eyes

Startled; staring out at

An old world.

Not knowing it's old.


Two new lungs

Taking their first gasps of air

Breathed a million times before,

But by whom?


Two new ears

To absorb

Words of adoration.

Isn't he lovely?


A new mind

On a journey to understand

The universe and its entire contents.

Wherever they may be.


Four new limbs

Setting foot

Beyond the womb's walls

To make a mark and earn a crust,

To be someone to love and trust,

To make those promises and mistakes,

To make hearts leap and maybe break,

To make a million cups of tea,

To make great journeys, cross the sea,

To make the most of what's beyond,

To make a wish and wave a wand,

To grow some veg, to till the land,

To play for Leeds or form a band,

To sing out loud, then even louder,

To make his family even prouder

Than at that moment he was born

To make a precious lifetime dawn.


A perfect little soul

To make more perfect little souls.

Life goes on,

Will go on,

But for this wee man

It's only starting.


Our wee man Toby.

Our wee man Toby.

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